Thorsten Thielen's GnuPG public key

As nearly all spam and virus mails these days are using fake sender addresses I want to remind everybody that I always sign the mails I write with my GPG key. If you receive a mail without a valid OpenPGP signature from me, you can be pretty sure that this mail does not come from me. You've been warned... :-)

Public key

Last updated 2016-03-07: Transition to a new 4096bit RSA key [Signature with my old key for that text; Signature with my new key for that text].

As the key has become a little larger by now, I don't display it on this page anymore but offer my GnuPG public key as a textfile for download.

Another option is using gpg --recv-keys 0xCF9DF318081E69DA --keyserver to download my key from a keyserver (of course you should be able to also use any other keyserver you like).

Fingerprint information

Attention: e-Mail addresses mangled to avoid spam.

Command gpg --fingerprint 0xCF9DF318081E69DA produced (sorry, it's in German :-)

pub   4096R/0xCF9DF318081E69DA 2016-03-05 [verfällt: 2021-03-06]
      Schl.-Fingerabdruck = CF38 3200 9927 3FB2 FC0B  F070 CF9D F318 081E 69DA
uid                 [uneingeschränkt] Thorsten Thielen <thth*>
uid                 [uneingeschränkt] Thorsten Thielen <t.thielen*>
sub   4096R/0x7253D20BF3A91001 2016-03-05 [verfällt: 2021-03-06]
      Schl.-Fingerabdruck = ECA2 81A2 20D7 167B 1462  9AF9 7253 D20B F3A9 1001
sub   4096R/0x847F2E51D012194B 2016-03-05 [verfällt: 2021-03-06]
      Schl.-Fingerabdruck = 0B8C 4B47 716A 26DF 51FF  8508 847F 2E51 D012 194B

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