CAD/off is a small utility that disables the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys for rebooting and enables them again after system shutdown allowing to reboot the system then.

Current version

Current version is 1.01 (released February 1999)

The following things were changed/added:


CAD/off may be either downloaded from this site or from Hobbes:

The MD5 checksum for is c497fd1aa173c6ea86483f81dddb3d61. If you have GnuPG or PGP you may also be interested in the GPG signature for Please read the security notes.


CAD/off is freeware.

Next release

There will not be a next release, at least not from me. The source code for the program is available, so everybody has the opportunity to add features or remove bugs him/herself.


You can e-Mail me at <thth*> but I'm not really able to provide support any more.

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