Gotcha! is a small (well not so small anymore ;-) utility for OS/2 which allows to easily capture windows, window interiors, parts of the screen or the whole desktop and save them to disk or clipboard as a picture (in several file formats if OS/2 Multimedia is installed; otherwise only BMP format).

It has options for serial capture (automatically taking a capture every n seconds) and batch mode (take a capture, save and exit).

I wrote Gotcha! mainly because all other screen capture programs for OS/2 that I found were either really old and/or part of some big other program and/or buggy and/or not free.

Current version

Current version is 1.78 (released December 2007)

This version features only one very minor update:


Version / Download Released GPG signature for archive MD5 sum for archive
Gotcha! 1.78 + Source (506 KB) December 2007 0cdd3c12a069f2e48af51e4b24d9e02e
Gotcha! 1.77 + Source (506 KB) July 2007 32fe9f81df9ed2c7c42040b2f5389fae
Gotcha! 1.76 + Source (505 KB) May 2007 54bc1456b1e07ef066d38f84710a5b0c
Gotcha! 1.75 + Source (497 KB) January 2003 5ab876c02edbe78e4c03b05ee2e33608
Gotcha! 1.73 + Source (487 KB) May 2002 45ec5fd8054d963629ebdfcbdaba7b43
Gotcha! 1.65pl1 (43 KB)
Fixed gotcha.exe replacement; you also need!
April 2000 c556931e92ef9160551f2989aa3040d8
Gotcha! 1.65 (216 KB) August 1999 882cacc1028bf09709f17ee6edee4ec8
Gotcha! 1.45 (111 KB) January 1999 998834b2dac50046a0a7129b2a8280bb

Gotcha! is also available on Hobbes (at least the most recent release).

Please note that most of the the e-mail adresses and URLs given in the older versions are no longer correct. Please read the security notes.

Writing JPEGs

Gotcha! or to be more precise, the MMIO-DLL used to write JPEGs (which in turn is used by Gotcha!) seems to be buggy - neither I nor everyone else I heard of has been able to create valid JPEGs with it. If you need to create JPEG screenshots, take a look at Chris Wohlgemuth's website and look for the cw-mmclasses. Inside there is a new JPEGIO.DLL that I have been told works fine.


Starting with v1.73 Gotcha! is free software under the GPL.

It still would be nice if you decided to write me a short mail (<thth*>) or postcard or something telling me if you like the program.


From the 1.45 release but newer ones don't look really different.

Next release

Yes, I did release new versions, but that was as much to my surprise as to anyone else's and they included only very minor changes/fixes - don't expect anything here...


You can e-Mail me at <thth*> but I'm not really able to provide support any more.

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